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Hey there! We can't thank you enough for taking time to visit the GPR Radio Online hope you enjoy listening to the programming we have on our station. GPR Radio Online has been an answer to the prayers of many friends and fans alike. After a few years of struggling to acquire the necessities, we began streaming to a couple of friends locally. It didn't take long after playing with different types of technology before we felt we could be a part of reaching out to Christians in need of contact with the local church. Youth Paster Michael received a devine request, in 2001, to bring forth an online gathering place. GPR Radio is a work of love and an extension to the call for service that came to be in the late summer 2008. The programming GPR brings to you is an eclectic variety of Christain based music, with the intend to lighten your soul and rejuvinate your mind. We absolutely love receiving song requests, as we appreciate getting to know our listeners and working to grow our music base. In addition to our programming, we offer you a place to get to know each other. Share some laughs, offer some prayers and rejoice in the togetherness that comes from being with people you can trust. Come visit us in our forum and our chat room. We are positive that you will find some friendships that you have been missing out on. Youth Paster Michael is in the process of setting up to broadcast live, where he will be looking forward to answering your prayer requests with a special personal prayer and a dedication song choosen to pass some light on your personal situation. Please feel free to submit your prayer requests at any time, all requests are important to us and we are honored to offer up some prayer for you. Blessings and Love, from GPR Radio Online.

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